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    • A Struggle Unfinished: Riots, Race in America, and the Failures of the 1968 Kerner Commission 

      Abramson, Samuel Morris (2017-04-18)
      This dissertation explores the life of the Kerner Commission—a task force founded by President Lyndon Johnson on the heels of riots across America—from its inception in the summer of 1967 to its aftermath in the spring of 1968. The dissertation examines the primary actors involved with the commission and seeks to explain why they arrived at the ...
    • Picturing Common Objects: Joe Goode, Llyn Foulkes, and Vija Celmins in 1960s LA 

      Zavistovski, Katia (2021-06-24)
      This dissertation examines common object painting from the early 1960s in Los Angeles, focusing on the work of Joe Goode, Llyn Foulkes, and Vija Celmins. While common object painting has been understood in existing scholarly literature as synonymous with Pop art—or rather, it has been subsumed by the expansive rubric of the better-known movement—this ...
    • Psychedelics and Religious Insight: A Precedent in American Psycho-Spirituality from William James to Timothy Leary 

      Storck, Connor J. (2021-04-26)
      The primary purpose of this thesis is to stress that there is a relationship between the texts one reads and the psychedelic experiences one may have. Reading texts has an effect on set and setting with respect to psychedelic experiences. Further, texts read—by figures like Timothy Leary—in the afterglow of a psychedelic experience can influence later ...