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    • Carbon Nanomaterials for Fibers, Photonics and Composites 

      Xiang, Changsheng (2014-04-21)
      This thesis investigates various carbon nanomaterials from the basic synthesis to the characterizations and applications in fibers, photonics and composites. The carbon nanomaterials we studied include graphene, graphene ...
    • Rebar Graphene 

      Yan, Zheng; Peng, Zhiwei; Casillas, Gilberto; Lin, Jian; Xiang, Changsheng; Zhou, Haiqing; Yang, Yang; Ruan, Gedeng; Raji, Abdul-Rahman O.; Samuel, Errol L.G.; Hauge, Robert H.; Yacaman, Miguel Jose; Tour, James M. (2014)
      As the cylindrical sp2-bonded carbon allotrope, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been widely used to reinforce bulk materials such as polymers, ceramics, and metals. However, both the concept demonstration and the fundamental ...