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    • Supported catalysts using nanoparticles as the support material 

      Wong, Michael S.; Wachs, Israel E.; Knowles, William V. (2010-11-02)
      A process for making a porous catalyst, comprises a) providing an aqueous solution containing a nanoparticle precursor, b) forming a composition containing nanoparticles, c) adding a first catalytic component or precursor thereof and a pore-forming agent to the composition containing nanoparticles and allowing the first catalytic component, the ...
    • Tungstated zirconia nanocatalysts 

      Wachs, Israel E.; Ross-Medgaarden, Elizabeth I.; Wong, Michael S. (2013-06-04)
      A new type of solid acid catalyst, which promises better catalytic performance than conventionally prepared supported metal oxides due to its precisely synthesized nanostructure has been described. The catalyst is nanoparticulate in form and is comprised of monolayers of tungstated zirconia of the formula, WOxZryO4-2y made by impregnating a support ...