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    • An itinerant antiferromagnetic metal without magnetic constituents 

      The origin of magnetism in metals has been traditionally discussed in two diametrically opposite limits: itinerant and local moments. Surprisingly, there are very few known examples of materials that are close to the itinerant limit, and their properties are not universally understood. In the case of the two such examples discovered several decades ...
    • Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior Close to a Quantum Critical Point in a Ferromagnetic State without Local Moments 

      Svanidze, E.; Liu, L.; Frandsen, B.; White, B.D.; Besara, T.; (2015)
      A quantum critical point (QCP) occurs upon chemical doping of the weak itinerant ferromagnet Sc3.1In. Remarkable for a system with no local moments, the QCP is accompanied by non-Fermi liquid behavior, manifested in the logarithmic divergence of the specific heat both in the ferro-and the paramagnetic states, as well as linear temperature dependence ...