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    • Hydrogen-generating behavior of Pd-decorated gold nanoparticles via formic acid decomposition 

      Zhao, Zhun; Heck, Kimberly N.; Limpornpipat, Pongsak; Qian, Huifeng; Miller, Jeffrey T.; Wong, Michael S. (2019)
      Formic acid is a promising hydrogen storage material where hydrogen is generated via metal-catalyzed decomposition. Bimetallic catalysts are active for this reaction, but the mechanism has not been fully proven. Palladium ...
    • Two distinctive energy migration pathways of monolayer molecules on metal nanoparticle surfaces 

      Li, Jiebo; Qian, Huifeng; Chen, Hailong; Zhao, Zhun; Yuan, Kaijun; Chen, Guangxu; Miranda, Andrea; Guo, Xunmin; Chen, Yajing; Zheng, Nanfeng; Wong, Michael S.; Zheng, Junrong (2016)
      Energy migrations at metal nanomaterial surfaces are fundamentally important to heterogeneous reactions. Here we report two distinctive energy migration pathways of monolayer adsorbate molecules on differently sized metal ...