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    • Bottlebrush Copolymer Additives for Immiscible Polymer Blends 

      Mah, Adeline Huizhen; Afzali, Pantea; Qi, Luqing; Pesek, Stacy; Verduzco, Rafael; Stein, Gila E. (2018)
      Thin films of immiscible polymer blends will undergo phase separation into large domains, but this behavior can be suppressed with additives that accumulate and adhere at the polymer/polymer interface. Herein, we describe ...
    • Interfacial Properties of Polymeric Nanomaterials 

      Qi, Luqing (2017-12-01)
      Polymeric nanomaterials such as nanoparticles and branched polymers are interfacially active and can be used to stabilize or increase the viscosity of an emulsion, which is potentially useful for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) ...
    • Segregation of Amphiphilic Polymer-Coated Nanoparticles to Bicontinuous Oil/Water Microemulsion Phases 

      Qi, Luqing; ShamsiJazeyi, Hadi; Ruan, Gedeng; Mann, Jason A.; Lin, Yen-Hao; Song, Chen; Ma, Yichuan; Wang, Le; Tour, James M.; Hirasaki, George J.; Verduzco, Rafael (2017)
      Polymer-coated nanoparticles are interfacially active and have been shown to stabilize macroscopic emulsions of oil and water, also known as Pickering emulsions. However, prior work has not explored the phase behavior of ...