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    • Automatic Tuning of Scientific Applications 

      Qasem, Apan (2007)
      Over the last several decades we have witnessed tremendous change in the landscape of computer architecture. New architectures have emerged at a rapid pace with computing capabilities that have often exceeded our expectations. ...
    • Evaluating a Model for Cache Conflict Miss Prediction 

      Kennedy, Ken; Qasem, Apan (2005-04-10)
      Cache conflict misses can cause severe degradation in application performance. Previous research has shown that for many scientific applications majority of cache misses are due to conflicts in cache. Although, conflicts ...
    • Improving Performance with Integrated Program Transformations 

      Jin, Guohua; Mellor-Crummey, John; Qasem, Apan (2004-09-09)
      Achieving a high fraction of peak performance on today’s computer systems is difficult for complex scientific applications. To do so, an application’s characteristics must be tailored to exploit the characteristics of its ...