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    • Sequential localization of a complex electron fluid 

      Martelli, Valentina; Cai, Ang; Nica, Emilian M.; Taupin, Mathieu; Prokofiev, Andrey; Liu, Chia-Chuan; Lai, Hsin-Hua; Yu, Rong; Ingersent, Kevin; Küchler, Robert; Strydom, André M.; Geiger, Diana; Haenel, Jonathan; Larrea, Julio; Si, Qimiao; Paschen, Silke (2019)
      Complex and correlated quantum systems with promise for new functionality often involve entwined electronic degrees of freedom. In such materials, highly unusual properties emerge and could be the result of electron ...
    • Spin-isotropic continuum of spin excitations in antiferromagnetically orderedᅠFe1.07Te 

      Song, Yu; Lu, Xingye; Regnault, L.-P.; Su, Yixi; Lai, Hsin-Hua; Hu, Wen-Jun; Si, Qimiao; Dai, Pengcheng (2018)
      Unconventional superconductivity typically emerges in the presence of quasidegenerate ground states, and the associated intense fluctuations are likely responsible for generating the superconducting state. Here we use ...
    • Weyl–Kondo semimetal in heavy-fermion systems 

      Lai, Hsin-Hua; Grefe, Sarah E.; Paschen, Silke; Si, Qimiao (2018)
      While electronic states with nontrivial topology have traditionally been known in insulators, they have been evidenced in metals during the past 2 years. Such Weyl semimetals show topological protection while conducting ...