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    • A protocol for whole-mount immuno-coupled hybridization chain reaction (WICHCR) in zebrafish embryos and larvae 

      Ibarra-García-Padilla, Rodrigo; Howard, Aubrey Gaylon Adam; Singleton, Eileen Willey; Uribe, Rosa Anna (2021)
      Characterizing mRNA and protein expression with temporal and spatial resolution is a valuable component of nearly every developmental study. Here, we describe a protocol that combines in situ hybridization chain reaction (HCR) and immunofluorescence, allowing for the detection of mRNAs and proteins simultaneously, in zebrafish embryos and larvae. ...
    • CHAF1A Blocks Neuronal Differentiation and Promotes Neuroblastoma Oncogenesis via Metabolic Reprogramming 

      Tao, Ling; Moreno-Smith, Myrthala; Ibarra-García-Padilla, Rodrigo; Milazzo, Giorgio; Drolet, Nathan A.; (2021)
      Neuroblastoma (NB) arises from oncogenic disruption of neural crest (NC) differentiation. Treatment with retinoic acid (RA) to induce differentiation has improved survival in some NB patients, but not all patients respond, and most NBs eventually develop resistance to RA. Loss of the chromatin modifier chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit p150 (CHAF1A) ...