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    • Mechanisms of Corneal Development and Wound Healing 

      Babushkina, Anna (2020-03-19)
      Deep corneal injuries are one of the major causes of vision impairment and blindness. The shortage in available donor corneas has prompted researchers to look into developing alternative means of treating corneal injuries. Previously, our lab demonstrated that embryonic cornea heals scar-free. The purpose of this thesis work is to elucidate molecular ...
    • Recapitulation of normal collagen architecture in embryonic wounded corneas 

      Koudouna, Elena; Spurlin, James; Babushkina, Anna; Quantock, Andrew J.; Jester, James V.; (2020)
      Wound healing is characterized by cell and extracellular matrix changes mediating cell migration, fibrosis, remodeling and regeneration. We previously demonstrated that chick fetal wound healing shows a regenerative phenotype regarding the cellular and molecular organization of the cornea. However, the chick corneal stromal structure is remarkably ...