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    • A Topological Model of the Hippocampal Cell Assembly Network 

      Babichev, Andrey; Ji, Daoyun; Mémoli, Facundo; Dabaghian, Yuri A. (2016)
      It is widely accepted that the hippocampal place cells' spiking activity produces a cognitive map of space. However, many details of this representation's physiological mechanism remain unknown. For example, it is believed ...
    • Topological Schemas of Cognitive Maps and Spatial Learning 

      Babichev, Andrey; Cheng, Sen; Dabaghian, Yuri A. (2016)
      Spatial navigation in mammals is based on building a mental representation of their environment-a cognitive map. However, both the nature of this cognitive map and its underpinning in neural structures and activity remains ...