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    • 25th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS-2016 

      Sharpee, Tatyana O.; Destexhe, Alain; Kawato, Mitsuo; Sekulić, Vladislav; Skinner, Frances K.; (2016)
    • A Topological Model of the Hippocampal Cell Assembly Network 

      Babichev, Andrey; Ji, Daoyun; Mémoli, Facundo; Dabaghian, Yuri A. (2016)
      It is widely accepted that the hippocampal place cells' spiking activity produces a cognitive map of space. However, many details of this representation's physiological mechanism remain unknown. For example, it is believed that the place cells exhibiting frequent coactivity form functionally interconnected groups—place cell assemblies—that drive ...
    • Topological Schemas of Cognitive Maps and Spatial Learning 

      Babichev, Andrey; Cheng, Sen; Dabaghian, Yuri A. (2016)
      Spatial navigation in mammals is based on building a mental representation of their environment-a cognitive map. However, both the nature of this cognitive map and its underpinning in neural structures and activity remains vague. A key difficulty is that these maps are collective, emergent phenomena that cannot be reduced to a simple combination of ...
    • Topological Schemas of Memory Spaces 

      Babichev, Andrey; Dabaghian, Yuri A. (2018)
      Hippocampal cognitive map-a neuronal representation of the spatial environment-is widely discussed in the computational neuroscience literature for decades. However, more recent studies point out that hippocampus plays a major role in producing yet another cognitive framework-the memory space-that incorporates not only spatial, but also non-spatial ...