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    • SARS-CoV-2 genomic diversity and the implications for qRT-PCR diagnostics and transmission 

      Sapoval, Nicolae; Mahmoud, Medhat; Jochum, Michael D.; Liu, Yunxi; Elworth, R. A. Leo; Wang, Qi; Albin, Dreycey; Ogilvie, Huw A.; Lee, Michael D.; Villapol, Sonia; Hernandez, Kyle M.; Berry, Irina Maljkovic; Foox, Jonathan; Beheshti, Afshin; Ternus, Krista; Aagaard, Kjersti M.; Posada, David; Mason, Christopher E.; Sedlazeck, Fritz J.; Treangen, Todd J. (2021)
      The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an urgent need to uncover the underlying biology of this devastating disease. Though RNA viruses mutate more rapidly than DNA viruses, there are a relatively small number of single nucleotide ...