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    • Introduction 

      Wildenthal, Lora (2001)
    • James R. Thompson Publications 

      Thompson, J.R. (2017)
    • Jesus Revealed: The Dynamics of Early Christian Mysticism 

      DeConick, April D.; Arbel, Daphna V.; Orlov, Andrei A. (2010)
    • John Rivals Thomas: From Community Conflict to Gospel Narrative 

      DeConick, April D.; Fortna, Robert T.; Thatcher, Tom (2001)
      This article is not the first attempt to discuss the relationship between the Gospels of John and Thomas. There is already a formidable amount of literature on the subject, most of which tries to establish direct literary dependence between the two books or the use of common sources (see DeConick 2001). The present essay, however, will explore the ...
    • Josephine Meckseper Interviewed by Rachel Hooper 

      Hooper, Rachel; Meckseper, Josephine; Sharjah Art Foundation (2011-03-16)
      Interview with Josephine Meckseper included in the catalogue for Sharjah Biennial 10 "Plot for a Biennial"
    • jsut that way 

      Hooper, Rachel; University of Texas Press and Blaffer Art Museum (2012-09-26)
      Andy Coolquitt makes objects and environments that exist in symbiosis with human relationships. During the 1990s, his life and work revolved around an expansive studio/artist commune/performance space/living sculpture/party place on the east side of Austin, Texas, where he continues to live, work, and host events. Intrigued by social contracts, ...
    • Leone Ebreo on Prisca Sapientia: Jewish Wisdom and the Textual Transmission of Knowledge 

      Ogren, Brian (2016)
      Book chapter for a volume on Humanism and Jewish Culture in the Italian Renaissance
    • Lessons in Buffoonery and Bravado: Erik Van Lieshout 

      Hooper, Rachel; Walker Art Center (2007)
      Artist entry on Erik Van Lieshout for "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
    • A Lexicon of Suburban Neologisms 

      Hooper, Rachel; Yen, Jayme; Walker Art Center (2008-02-16)
      The suburbs have always been a fertile space for imagining both the best and the worst of modern social life. Portrayed alternately as a middle-class domestic utopia and a dystopic world of homogeneity and conformity--with manicured suburban lawns and the inchoate darkness that lurks just beneath the surface--these stereotypes belie a more realistic ...
    • Magic 

      Fanger, Claire; Pollmann, Karla; Otten, Willemien (2013)
      This section of The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine explores magic. The author discusses: magic in Aug.'s thought; medieval reception-encyclopedic and legal; medieval reception-theological and philosophical; Renaissance magic and the Protestant Reformation; and modern academic and Max Weber.
    • Mirror, Mask and Anti-self: Forces of Literary Creation in Dion Fortune and W.B. Yeats 

      Fanger, Claire; Versluis, Arthur; Irwin, Lee; Richards, John; Weinstein, Melinda (2008)
      In what follows, we will explore some of the links between self-creation and artistic creation in the works of two early twentieth century occultists who were also responsible for works of fiction and poetry: the novelist Dion Fortune, and the great modern poet W. B. Yeats. A part of my concern will be to show how the functions and processes of ...
    • Mysticism and the Gospel of Thomas 

      DeConick, April D.; Frey, Jӧrg (2008)
    • Mysticism Historicized: Historical Figures and Movements 

      Ogren, Brian (2016)
      Book chapter on the historical approach to studying mysticism
    • Nonlinear Fault Detection for Hydraulic Systems 

      Leuschen, Martin L.; Walker, Ian D.; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Center for Multimedia Communication (2003-01-01)
      One of the most important areas in the robotics industry is the development of robots capable of working in hazardous environments. As humans cannot safely or cheaply work in these environments, providing a high level of robotic functionality is important. Our work in this area focuses on a fault detection method known as analytical redundancy, or ...
    • Now Let the Storm Break Loose 

      Hooper, Rachel; JRP|Ringier (2009-10-31)
      In her photography, videos and installations, Josephine Meckseper (born 1964) sets images of political activism-photographs of demonstrations, newspaper cuttings-against twinkling consumer goods and advertising motifs. This publication concentrates on a new series of works, such as the installation "Ten High" (2007) in which silver mannequins bear ...
    • Occulture in the Academy? The Case of Joseph P. Farrell 

      Stroup, John; DeConick, April D.; Adamson, Grant (2013)
    • Origin and Early Differentiation of Carbon and Associated Life-Essential Volatile Elements on Earth 

      Dasgupta, Rajdeep; Grewal, Damanveer S.; Orcutt, Beth N.; Daniel, Isabelle; Dasgupta, Rajdeep; (2019)
      This chapter reviews what is known about the fate of carbon during early differentiation of inner solar system planets. It reviews the nature of carbon fractionation in a magma ocean as compared to the core, mantle, and atmosphere, and how this may have varied between planetary bodies in the solar system. It discusses whether magma ocean processes ...
    • Placement-Related Problems in Shared Disk I/O 

      Sinclair, J.B.; Tang, J.; Varman, Peter J. (1996)
      In a shared-disk parallel I/O system, several processes may be accessing the disks concurrently. An important example is concurrent external merging arising in database management systems with multiple independent sort queries. Such a system may exhibit instability, with one of the processes racing ahead of the others and monopolizing I/O resources. ...
    • Political Trust in Experimental Designs 

      Wilson, Rick (2016)