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    • C (cube) C (square): A Civic, Cultural and Commercial City Center 

      Simhadri, Srijaya Sai (2017-04-20)
      Collective urban spaces have historically been a mixture of civic, cultural, and commercial programs. These urban spaces and the programs themselves benefited from their physical proximity and architectural integration. An intimate coexistence of C³ constituted the traditional city center. This formula for social and economic sustenance is well tested. ...
    • C L L S To Sponsor Box Supper In R M C 

      Burton, Sue (1960-09-23)
    • "C'est either que tu parles francais, c'est either que tu parles anglais": A cognitive approach to Chiac as a contact language 

      Young, Hilary Adrienne Nicole (2002)
      This thesis concerns Chiac, a dialect of Acadian French (AF) that emerged in a small speech community of AF-English bilingual teenagers in Moncton, Canada. Syntactically and morphologically, Chiac closely resembles AF, but it also makes use of a number of English lexical items and other English-influenced constructions. This thesis addresses two ...
    • C'est l'Extase 

      Constance Orgonas, soprano; Meryl Ettelson, piano; Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) (1980-05-01)
    • C++ and Fortran 77 Timing Comparisons 

      Keenan, Philip T. (1993-01)
      Recently there has been considerable debate within the scientific computation community over the suitability of C++ for large scale numerical computation. This note reports on timing studies of Fortran 77 and C++ conducted on the Intel IPSC/3 Hypercube, the IBM RS-6000 and the Sun Sparc Station 2. Timings are presented for two fundamental algorithms ...
    • C++.T Formalization in Isar 

      Siek, Jeremy G.; Taha, Walid (2005-12-16)
      A formal account of C++ templates, including the compile-time and run-time semantics. The main result is a proof of type safety. The proof is written in the Isar proof language and can be mechanically verified using the Isabelle 2005 proof assistant.
    • c-axis pressure-induced antiferromagnetic order in optimally P-doped BaFe2(As0.70P0.30)2 superconductor 

      Hu, Ding; Wang, Weiyi; Zhang, Wenliang; Wei, Yuan; Gong, Dongliang; (2018)
      Superconductivity in BaFe2(As1−xPx)2 iron pnictides emerges when its in-plane two-dimensional (2D) orthorhombic lattice distortion associated with nematic phase at Ts and three-dimensional (3D) collinear antiferromagnetic order at TN (Ts = TN) are gradually suppressed with increasing x, reaching optimal superconductivity around x = 0.30 with Tc ≈ 30 K. ...
    • C. Boyden Gray Letter to D. Allan Bromley 

      A letter for D. Allan Bromley from C. Boyden Gray, Counsel to the President. Gray congratulates Bromley on his appointment as Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and forwards him some forms that he must complete and send to Diana C. Kendrick, Special Assistant to Gray.
    • C. G. Pillot's Augusta 

      Houston Yacht Club (1936)
      This photograph is believed to have been taken during President Roosevelt's visit touring the Houston Ship Channel.
    • C. M. Wieland's "Die Geschichte des Agathon" (Christoph Martin Wieland) 

      Schoolar, Geoffrey (1993)
      The first and third versions of Wieland's Die Geschichte des Agathon differ from each other in various ways. One observes differences in style, wording, chapter grouping, and other "superficial" changes. There are also major differences in content. Chief among these are the "Danae Geschichte" and the episode at Tarent, which are depicted in detail ...
    • C. MICHAEL PALMER Bass Trombone MASTER'S RECITAL Saturday, February 6,1999 4:30 p.m. Lillian H. Duncan Recital Hall 

      Palmer, C. Michael (bass trombone); Hardink, Jason (piano); Kimura, Kana (violin); Jennings, Colleen (violin); Hos, Wilma (viola); (1999-02-06)
      Program: Variations on Palestrina's Dona Nobis Pacem / David Fetter -- From Suite No. 2 in D minor / Johann Sebastian Bach -- Extase / Emmet Yoshioka -- Imaginations / Horst Lohse -- Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra / Raymond Premru -- Three Motets / Anton Bruckner
    • C.G. Pillot Trophy, Houston Yacht Club 

      Houston Yacht Club (1935)
      The 1908 Pillot Trophy, an oblong bowl with handles.
    • C.W.N.S.P.O.S. 

      Yee, Anastasia Xi (2017-04-14)
      Computation tends to produce discrete, self-similar parts and aggregate them together, a common concern in recent projects that we think of as computational. How can we think about using the computational techniques available to us, but in a different way than they have been studied? This thesis is an exploration about the usefulness of these techniques ...
    • C60 Amino Acids and Peptides 

      Strom, T. Amanda (2011)
      Since the discovery of the buckyball in 1985, researchers have imagined its potential in fields ranging from materials science to medicinal chemistry. The unique size, shape and hydrophobicity of C 60 fullerene endow it with the ability to interact with biological superstructures such as enzymes and membranes making it attractive as a potential ...
    • C60 in Water: Aggregation Characterization, Reactivity and Behavior 

      Fortner, John D. (2007)
      Industrial scale production, coupled with unique material properties, underpin rising concerns of nano-scale materials inadvertently impacting the health and function of natural systems. Fullerenes, C60 in particular, have been proposed for a variety of applications and are soon expected to be produced in multi-ton quantities. Understanding how these ...
    • Cabaret's Satire Fills Great Need 

      Goodson, Clint (1966-04-21)
    • Cabin sloops racing 

      Houston Yacht Club (1924)