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    • Social Network Censorship: Topics, Techniques, and Impacts 

      Tanash, Rima Said (2017-06-05)
      Previous research in digital censorship focused by and large on studying censorship of applications and networks that are heavily controlled by oppressive governments such as China. My research goal is to broaden these ...
    • Male Allies: Men Convince other Men that Gender Equity Matters 

      Trump, Rachel Christina Elizabeth (2017-05-26)
      Despite decades of improvement, women still face disparities in the workplace relative to men (Lyness & Heilman, 2006). In a total of four studies, I examined how men can play an important role in getting other men to ...
    • An Inverse-Free Projected Gradient Descent Method for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem 

      Camacho, Frankie (2017-05-26)
      The generalized eigenvalue problem is a fundamental numerical linear algebra problem whose applications are wide ranging. For truly large-scale problems, matrices themselves are often not directly accessible, but their ...
    • Method and apparatus for compressive acquisition and recovery of dynamic imagery 

      Baraniuk, Richard G.; Sankaranarayanan, Aswin C. (2017-05-16)
      A new framework for video compressed sensing models the evolution of the image frames of a video sequence as a linear dynamical system (LDS). This reduces the video recovery problem to first estimating the model parameters ...
    • Making C4+ products in bacteria 

      Bennett, George; Thakker, Chandresh (2017-05-16)
      Methods of making C4+ hydrocarbon feedstocks using anaerobic microbes are described.
    • A strategy to apply quantitative epistasis analysis on developmental traits 

      Labocha, Marta K; Yuan, Wang; Aleman-Meza, Boanerges; Zhong, Weiwei (2017-05-15)
      Abstract Background Genetic interactions are keys to understand complex traits and evolution. Epistasis analysis is an effective method to map genetic interactions. Large-scale ...
    • High-content behavioral profiling reveals neuronal genetic network modulating Drosophila larval locomotor program 

      Aleman-Meza, Boanerges; Loeza-Cabrera, Mario; Peña-Ramos, Omar; Stern, Michael; Zhong, Weiwei (2017-05-12)
      Abstract Background Two key questions in understanding the genetic control of behaviors are: what genes are involved and how these genes interact. To answer these questions ...
    • Hung Hsien oral history interview and transcript 

      Hsien, Hung (2017-05-12)
      Hung Hsien, also known as Margaret Chang, was born in Yangzhou, China in 1933 in a very artistic and prominent family. She settled in Taiwan with her family in 1948. She studied traditional Chinese painting with Prince Pu ...
    • Disfigured Form 

      Gange, Nathaniel Douglas (2017-05-10)
      Through the impression of entropic forces upon built form the residual effects of time erode at the taut crisp lines of facade. Contemporary architectural tectonics produce an image embedded with hygienic obsessiveness. ...
    • Billy Graham and the Age of Anxiety 

      Berger, Elliot (2017-05-10)
      Billy Graham is one of the most popular and influential religious figures of the American 20th century. This dissertation will examine the reasons for this popularity by considering the relationship between key aspects of ...
    • Implantable modular hydrogel for salivary gland restoration 

      Witt, Robert L.; Jia, Xinqiao; Bhatt, Swati Pradham; Farach-carson, Mary C.; Harrington, Daniel A. (2017-05-09)
      Implantable modular hydrogels to aid in salivary gland restoration and associated methods are provided. In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides for a hydrogel network comprising: a hyaluronic acid macromer ...
    • Mining Massive-Scale Time Series Data using Hashing 

      Luo, Chen (2017-05-09)
      Similarity search on time series is a frequent operation in large-scale data-driven applications. Sophisticated similarity measures are standard for time series matching, as they are usually misaligned. Dynamic Time Warping ...
    • George Ensle oral history and transcript 

      Ensle, George (2017-05-05)
      George Ensle started playing folk music in Houston in 1967. He has spent most of his career in Austin, TX.
    • The Ugly OLEDuckling 

      Taylor, Brady G.; Flechas, Robert J.; Heggie, Connor B.; Grinage, James M. (2017-05-04)
    • Lasers 

      Grzesik, Jakob M.; Mandava, Archana; Loredo, Emmanuel; Santos Castejon, Claudio Vinicius (2017-05-04)
    • OLEDs are Lit 

      Gonzalez, Victor A.; Hellar, Jennifer L.; Klimko, Benjamin H.; Zhang, Yongan (Luke) (2017-05-04)
    • Touch Screens 

      Mutammara, Matthew J.; Sanchez, Ronaldo B.; Chivetta, Christopher R. (2017-05-04)
    • RAM, the main memory 

      Lawrence, Logan C.; Lyon, Ethan N.; Morris, Nathaniel A. (2017-05-04)
    • Thermoelectrics 

      Hwang, Alex; Morera, Alfonso; Phuathavornskul, Fasai; Zhang, Tianyi (2017-05-04)