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  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 25, No. 3 

    Krasnodębski, Zdzisław; Cooke, Roger; Kotarba, Joseph A.; Gajda, Patricia A.; Gutthy, Agnieszka; Zioło, Michael (Michał); Edwards, Sutherland (2005-09)
    Contents: "SR Index"; Zdzisław Krasnodębski, "The Past and Present Ends of History"; "BOOKS"; Roger Cooke, "Stalin and His Hangmen (review)"; Joseph A. Kotarba, "Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism" (review); ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 26, No. 1 

    Rak, Krzysztof; Best, Jolanta W.; Cooke, Roger; McGinley, Theresa Kurk; McGinley, Theresa Kurk; Byczkiewicz, Romuald L.; Furno, Mary Ann (2006-01)
    Contents: "SR Index"; "OUR TAKE: Blindness and Insight in Polish Studies"; Krzysztof Rak, "Federalism or Force: A Sixteenth-Century Project for Eastern and Central Europe"; Jolanta W. Best, "'Poetry Summons Us to Life:' ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 26, No. 2 

    Kaczyński, Jarosław; Koronacki, Jacek; Rozek, Edward J.; Sempruch, Justyna; Day, Jennifer J.; Tucker, Janet; Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan; Best, Jolanta W.; Kaminski, Steven (2006-04)
    Contents: "OUR TAKE: Sweat Equity"; "SR Index"; Jarosław Kaczyński, "Address to the Polish Parliament (Sejm) delivered on the occasion of the first hundred days of the new presidency and government"; Jacek Koronacki, ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 26, No. 3 

    Skórczewski, Dariusz; Thompson, James R.; Gajda, Patricia A.; Wrobel, Piotr; Bjork, James E.; Czaykowski, Bogdan; Ludwig, Jonathan Z.; Brajerska-Mazur, Agata; Furno, Mary Ann; Norman, Louis E. Van (2006-09)
    Contents: "Our Take"; "SR Index"; Dariusz Skórczewski, "Modern Polish Literature Through a Postcolonial Lens: The Case of Paweł Huelle’s Castorp"; "BOOKS"; James R. Thompson, "Rising ’44: The Battle for Warsaw" ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 27, No. 1 

    Tattenbaum, Mark F.; Czaykowski, Bogdan; Soybel, Phyllis L.; Wildenthal, Lora; Gasyna, George; Guzlowski, John; Szejnoch, Jerzy; Tokarzewski, Simon (2007-01)
    Contents: "SR Index"; Mark F. Tattenbaum, "A Good Show: Traditional and nontraditional puppet theater in Poland"; Bogdan Czaykowski, "Some remarks, alas, mostly critical on The Polish Review "; "BOOKS"; Phyllis L. ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 27, No. 2 

    Kaczyński, Jarosław; Rak, Krzysztof; Muszyński, Jerzy; Furno, Mary Ann; Best, J. W.; Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan (2007-04)
    Contents: "Our Take: Those Who Have Not Spoken Are Guilty"; "SR Index"; "Foreign Policy Is a Hardball Game: an Interview with Polish Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński"; Krzysztof Rak and Jerzy Muszyński, "Recent German ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 27, No. 3 

    Gasyna, George; Thum, Gregor; Tucker, Janet; Clark, Joanna Rostropowicz; Hunter, Jr., Richard J.; Ryan, Leo V.; Reid, James (2007-09)
    Contents "Our Take" (Guest Editorial); "SR Data"; "Rituals at the Limits of Literature: A New Reading of Witold Gombrowicz’s Cosmos", by George Gasyna; "BOOKS and Periodicals Received"; "The Clash of Moral Nations: ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 28, No. 1 

    Ossendowski, Ferdinand; Reid, James E.; Gasyna, George; Boss, Sally; Drwecki, Abby; Marczyk, Agnieszka; Best, Jolanta W.; Gàsienica-Byrcyn, Anna (2008-01)
    Contents: Our Take; SR Data; "Witte, Stolypin, and Goremykin" [1921], by Ferdinand Ossendowski; Books and Periodicals Received; "The Collected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert, 1956–1998," by James E. Reid (review); "Polish ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 28, No. 2 

    Grabar, Mary; Knasas, John X.; Mikoś, Michael J.; Muller, Anna; Grondelski, John M.; of Skarbimierz, Stanisław (2008-04)
    Contents: "SR Data"; Mary Grabar, "The Secret of Little Sister. Chapters 1 through 3"; "BOOKS Books"; "Thinking Peaceful Change", by John X. Knasas (review); "Po co Sienkiewicz? Sienkiewicz a tožsamość narodowa", by ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 28, No. 3 

    Mickiewicz, Adam; Zakrzewski, Christopher; Furno, Mary Ann; Szymborska, Wisława; Ryan, Leo V.; Hunter, Jr., Richard J.; Murphy, Curtis G.; Stańczyk, Ewa; Thomas, Alfred; Clark, Joanna Rostropowicz (2008-09)
    Contents: "SR Data"; Adam Mickiewicz, "Pan Tadeusz, Book 2", trans. by Christopher Zakrzewski; "Wisława Szymborska’s 'The Silence of Plants,'" by Mary Ann Furno; Wisława Szymborska, “Hania,” trans. by Agnieszka Kreczmar; ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 1 

    Vassileva-Karagyozova, Svetlana; Bukoski,Anthony; Nesterowicz, Stefan; Buchanan, Patrick J.; Hartwig, Julia; Mickiewicz, Adam (2009-01)
    Contents: "SR Data"; "Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova, "Voluntary social marginalization as a survival strategy in Polish postcommunist accounts of childhood"; "North of the Port", by Anthony Bukoski (reviewed by Mary ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 2 

    Domański, Juliusz; McQuillen, Colleen; Mickiewicz, Adam; Matsuzato, Kimitaka; Reid, James E.; McGinley, Theresa Kurk (2009-04)
    Contents: "SR Data"; Juliusz Domański, "Justice and mercy in Wincenty Kadłubek’s system of political virtues"; Colleen McQuillen, "Sanctity or Sanctimony in Stanisław Wyspiański’s Acropolis"; Adam Mickiewicz, "First ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 3 

    Ryan, C.S.V., Leo V.; Hunter, Jr., Richard J.; Urbanowski, Maciej; Roddy, Jr., Harry Louis; Stańczyk, Ewa; Rappaport, Gilbert; Wilczek, Piotr; Boss, Sally; Kraszewski, Charles S.; Storozynsk, Alex (2009-09)
    Contents: "Poland and the Euro", by Leo V. Ryan, C.S.V. and Richard J. Hunter, Jr.; "BOOKS"; "The paradoxes of the Paris Kultura: style and traditions of political thinking", by Janusz Korek (review Maciej Urbanowski); ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 30, No. 1 

    Troszyński, Marek; Barbeau Gardiner, Anne; Rostropowicz Clark, Joanna; Nowicka-Struska, Anna; Heltzel, Chad (2010-01)
    Contents: Sarmatian Review Data; Marek Troszyński, "On the shoulders of Giants: Herbert and Miłosz"; Anne Barbeau Gardiner, "Casimir Britannicus" (review); Joanna Rostropowicz Clark, "A Memoir of My Life" (review); Anna ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 30, No. 2 

    Mickiewicz, Adam; Fedyszak-Radziejowska, Barbara; Domitrovic, Brian; Karwowska, Božena; Chołoniewski, Antoni (2010-04)
    Contents: "Devolution in Academia"; "Sarmatian Review Data"; "Sarmatian Review LiteraryAward"; Adam Mickiewicz, "Pan Tadeusz, Book 3", translated by Christopher A. Zakrzewski; Barbara Fedyszak-Radziejowska, "'People’s ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 30, No. 3 

    Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan; Dziwirek, Katarzyna; Gajda, Patricia A.; McGinley, Theresa Kurk; Gutthy, Agnieszka; Baczyński, Krzysztof Kamil; Mickiewicz, Adam (2010-09)
    Contents: "Sarmatian Review Data"; Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, "The Triumph of Provocation" (review); Katarzyna Dziwirek, "The Polish Language in Canada" (review); Patricia A. Gajda, "Silent Intelligentsia" (review); Theresa ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 8, No. 3 

    Renquian, Chang; Renquian, Chang; Kajencki, Francis C.; Skrypczak, Witold P. (1988-09)
    Chang Renquian, "Polish History in China"; Francis C.Kajencki, "Were Polish Immigrants llliterate? The Dillingham Commission and the Polish New Immigration 1890-1924"; Witold P.Skrypczak, "Polish-Soviet War 1919­ 1920"; ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 9, No. 1 

    Marta Zukowska (1989-01)
    Letters from the Gulag; Report on the living conditions; A Telegram from Magadan; Letters from children; Letters from adults; Transcript of a conversation; "Pain: a Gulag story," by Marta Zukowska; Books and periodicals ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 9, No. 2 

    Boss, Sally R.; Renquian, Cheng; Kot, Andrzej (1989-04)
    From the Editor; Sally R. Boss, "Soviet Policy in Eastern Europe"; Cheng Renquian, "A View of the Polish Crises from the People's Republic of China"; Andrzej Kot, Calligraphy of Ignacy Krasicki's poem, "Swięta miłości ...
  • The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 9, No. 3 

    Nowicka, Anatolia; Kolenda, Konstantin (1989-09)
    Anatolia Nowicka, "Memoir: From the History of the Moscow Chapter of the Sisters of St. Dominic 1921­1932"; From the Editor; Konstantin Kolenda, "Poles in the USSR: 1939-1986"; PIASA Meeting
  • Sarosh J.H. Manekshaw oral history interview and transcript 

    Manekshaw, Sarosh J.H. (2014-06-23)
  • Sarpedon's feast: A Homeric key to Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde" 

    Bradley, Ann (1995)
    Chaucer's insistence on the name of Sarpedon signals the importance of the Iliad, with its treatment both of the hero and the theme of necessity, for the development of his Troilus. Chaucer's access to the Iliad was second ...
  • Sarraf, or Money-Changer 

    Muller, Leopold Carl (1878)
    A man sitting at a small table in the street, with two men talking to him.
  • Sarshaothar 

    Patrick, Joseph Timothy (2003)
    Sarshaothar (pronounced sar-show-thar) is a Gaelic word meaning masterpiece. Music composition follows a long practiced tradition of the master-apprentice system. When an apprentice wished to become a practicing professional, ...
  • Satin Doll 

    Ken Dye, conductor; The Rice Jazz Ensemble; Nestico, Sammy (1981-11-24)
  • Satire and A Cynical Smile: Josephine Meckseper 

    Hooper, Rachel (2007-10-04)
    Artist entry on Josephine Meckseper in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
  • Saturation effects in photoassociation spectroscopy of strontium-86 

    Mickelson, Pascal Gerry (2006)
    This work describes intensity saturation of photoassociative transitions of 86Sr at the quantum mechanical unitarity limit. The saturation behavior, which results in a roll-over of the photoassociation rate for intensities ...

  • [Saturday Rice; Southwest] 

  • Saturday, March 32 

  • [Saturday; October] 

  • Satyrica signa: A Campana relief from the Via Gabina Villa at Site 10 (Italy) 

    Williams, Cornelia C. (1989)
    This thesis considers one Campana relief fragment, depicting two satyrs looking into a basin with a lion's head above and between them, found at the Site 10 Roman villa, and explores its form, meaning and context. Comparisons ...
  • Sauerkraut Too 


    The theory of language articulated in Plato's Cratylus anticipates many of the points of the contemporary language theories in the work of Ferdinand de Saussure and Jacques Derrida. The Cratylus is the only dialogue in the ...
  • Savage America, Chapter II [Excerpt from: The Moral History of Women, Vol. 1, Book 4] 

    Nacente, Francisco (1889)
    The book this excerpt was taken from ranges widely over the unique and often hidden position of women in relation to society, from ancient cultures up to the time of writing. This chapter, in particular, focuses on the ...
  • Savage Becomes Women's Advisor; Relieves Eubank 

    Jones, Anita (1961-09-15)
  • Savage Enforces Jones Curfew 

  • Saving Galveston: A history of the Galveston Historical Foundation 

    Schmidt, Sally Anne (2009)
    The history of the Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) reveals how innovative Galvestonians looked to the past to create a future for their distressed city and inspired the development of one of the nation's leading local ...
  • Sawmill on Northern Fiord - Norway 

    Weems, Carrington (1908)
    In 1908, the Rice Institute Board of Trustees sent their newly chosen President, Edgar Odell Lovett, on a world tour seeking out the best aspects of the leading colleges and universities. Dr. and Mrs. Lovett traveled in ...
  • Sawmill on Northern Fiord - Norway 

    Weems, Carrington (1908)
    In 1908, the Rice Institute Board of Trustees sent their newly chosen President, Edgar Odell Lovett, on a world tour seeking out the best aspects of the leading colleges and universities. Dr. and Mrs. Lovett traveled in ...
  • Sawtelle with three other men, Kirby Petroleum Company 

    Photograph from the Houston-based Kirby Petroleum Company and the records of George Sawtelle, president of the company for more than 20 years. This material provides a valuable look at the early days of the oil industry in Texas.
  • Saxema 

    Brian Connelly, piano; Laura Hunter, saxophone; Wiedoeft, Rudy (1980-12-11)
  • Saxifraga Parryi 

  • Saxophobia 

    Brian Connelly, piano; Laura Hunter, saxophone; Wiedoeft, Rudy (1980-12-11)
  • Saying and unsaying mysticism: The problem of defining mysticism in the social sciences 

    Fitzpatrick, Sean Joseph (2000)
    The use of "mysticism" and "mystic" as analytical terms in the social sciences is found to be problematic. Through an overview of current attempts to define the terms and a discussion of the use of the terms by representative ...
  • SB 4: Texas charter schools and the politics of competence 

    Wandless, Ana (2009)
    The dissertation is a qualitative inquiry into the vexed state of public education reform in the contemporary United States. It focuses on the introduction of charter schools as reform instruments, the emergence of a ...
  • Scaffold/Extracellular Matrix Hybrid Constructs for Bone Tissue Engineering 

    Thibault, Richard A.; Mikos, Antonios G.; Kasper, F. Kurtis (2013-01)
  • Scaffolds to Control Inflammation and Facilitate Dental Pulp Regeneration 

    Colombo, John S.; Moore, Amanda N.; Hartgerink, Jeffrey D.; D'Souza, Rena N. (2014)
    In dentistry, the maintenance of a vital dental pulp is of paramount importance because teeth devitalized by root canal treatment may become more brittle and prone to structural failure over time. Advanced carious lesions ...
  • Scalable and Low Power LDPC Decoder Design Using High Level Algorithmic Synthesis 

    Sun, Yang; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Ly, Tai (2009-09-01)
    This paper presents a scalable and low power low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder design for the next generation wireless handset SoC. The methodology is based on high level synthesis: PICO (program-in chip-out) tool ...
  • Scalable Architecture of MIMO Multi-carrier CDMA System on Programmable Logic 

    Guo, Yuanbin; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2007-11-01)
    In this paper, a scalable architecture of the multicarrier CDMA system using Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology is designed in the programmable logic array. The system-level partitioning with different ...
  • Scalable FPGA Architectures for LMMSE-based SIMO Chip Equalizer in HSDPA Downlink 

    Guo, Yuanbin; McCain, Dennis; Zhang, Jianzhong (Charlie); Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2003-11-01)
    In this paper, scalable FPGA architectures for the LMMSE-based chip-level equalizer in HSDPA downlink re-ceivers are studied. An FFT-based algorithm is applied to avoid the direct matrix inverse by utilizing the block-Toeplitz ...
  • Scalable quality of service provisioning 

    Cetinkaya, Coskun (2003)
    Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning is an important challenge for future packet networks. There are many different aspects of Network QoS requirements such as performance, availability, reliability, security, etc. This ...