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  • Small tools 

    Weber Iron & Wire Company, Houston, Texas (1930)
  • Small tools 

    Weber Iron & Wire Company, Houston, Texas (1930)
  • Small tools 

    Weber Iron & Wire Company, Houston, Texas (1930)
  • Small tools 

    Weber Iron & Wire Company, Houston, Texas (1930)
  • Small tools 

    Weber Iron & Wire Company, Houston, Texas (1930)
  • Small Venusian coronae 

    Rupert, Suzanne Tatin (1993)
    The common defining factor of coronae is a distinct annulus of tectonic origin. Current coronae classification is based on an intensive study of coronae primarily with maximum widths in excess of 100 km. Topographically ...
  • Small Voice From The End Zone 

    Josephson, Ben (1961-12-01)
  • Small-Scale and Traditional Industries: A Development Alternative 

    Ho, Yhi-Min; Huddle, Donald L. (1975-10)
  • Small-Time Scaling Behavior of Internet Backbone Traffic 

    Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Zhang, Zhi-Li; Moon, Sue; Diot, Christophe (2005-06-01)
    We perform an extensive wavelet analysis of Internet backbone traffic signals to observe and understand the causes of small-time (sub-seconds) scaling phenomena present in them. We observe that for a majority of the traffic ...
  • Small-time scaling behaviors of Internet backbone traffic: An empirical study 

    Zhang, Zhi-Li; Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Moon, Sue; Diot, Christophe (2003-04-20)
    We study the small-time (sub-seconds) scaling behaviors of Internet backbone traffic, based on traces collected from OC3/12/48 links in a tier-1 ISP. We observe that for a majority of these traces, the (second-order) scaling ...
  • Smaller Temple, Abou Simbel, Nubia 

    Pearson, G. (1890)
    Six deities carved from the cliff, alternating with slanted strips of wall that is inscribed with hieroglyphic characters.
  • Smart cantilever beams for nanomanipulation 

    Chen, Yan (2009)
    A smart micro cantilever beam, consisting of an atomic force microscope probe bonded with a piezoelectric actuator, is proposed to enhance the ability of mechanical nanomanipulation. A precise three-section Euler-Bernoulli ...
  • Smart Travel, Smart Travel 

    Unknown author (1998)
  • SmartInhaler : A Platform for Measurement of Inhaler Usage in Asthma Patients 

    Biswas, Rajoshi (2013-12-06)
    Asthma is a widespread chronic pulmonary disease. Poor management of Asthma results in over 450,000 hospitalizations each year, the majority of which are preventable by strict adherence to asthma control medication. In ...

    Bonning, Erin; Urry, C. Megan; Bailyn, Charles; Buxton, Michelle; Chatterjee, Ritaban; Coppi, Paolo; Fossati, Giovanni; Isler, Jedidah; Maraschi, Laura (2012)
    We present multiwavelength data for 12 blazars observed from 2008 to 2010 as part of an ongoing optical–infrared photometric monitoring project. Sources were selected to be bright, southern (δ < 20◦) blazars observed by ...
  • Smash Hit Opera Now at Playhouse 

    Rider, Joe; Skaff, Phyllis (1959-10-09)
  • The smashed filter for compressive classification and target recognition 

    Davenport, Mark A.; Duarte, Marco F.; Wakin, Michael B.; Laska, Jason N.; Takhar, Dharmpal; Kelly, Kevin F.; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2007-01-01)
    The theory of compressive sensing (CS) enables the reconstruction of a sparse or compressible image or signal from a small set of linear, non-adaptive (even random) projections. However, in many applications, including ...
  • SMCEC, 

    Unknown author (1999)
  • Smectite Medicine, 

    Unknown author (2003)

    Unknown author (1967-04-13)