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  • Robust GARCH methods and analysis of partial least squares regression 

    Egbulefu, Joseph (2014-04-24)
    New approaches to modeling volatility are evaluated and properties of partial least squares (PLS) regression are investigated. Common methods for modeling volatility, the standard deviation of price changes over a period, ...
  • Robust Helical Edge Transport in Gated InAs/GaSb Bilayers 

    Du, Lingjie; Knez, Ivan; Sullivan, Gerard; Du, Rui-Rui (2015)
    We have engineered electron-hole bilayers of inverted InAs/GaSb quantum wells, using dilute silicon impurity doping to suppress residual bulk conductance. We have observed robust helical edge states with wide conductance ...
  • Robust methods tailored for non-Gaussian narrowband array processing 

    Williams, Douglas Bennett (1989)
    Array processing algorithms generally assume that the received signal, composed of both narrowband signals and noise, is Gaussian, which is not true in general. In the context of the narrowband array processing problem, ...
  • Robust model predictive control as a class of semi-infinite programming problems 

    Kassmann, Dean Edward (1999)
    This thesis introduces a new interpretation of the problems arising in robust model predictive control (MPC). In practice, MPC algorithms are typically embedded within a multi-level hierarchy of control functions. The MPC ...
  • Robust model predictive control for nonlinear systems based on Volterra series 

    Lu, Shijiang (2001)
    In this thesis we develop a Nonlinear Robust Model Predictive Control (NRMPC) algorithm for nonlinear plants modeled by second order Volterra series. Robust stability is achieved through the addition of cost function ...
  • Robust model predictive control of linear finite impulse response plants 

    Ralhan, Sameer (1998)
    Model Predictive Control (MPC) has become one of the dominant methods of chemical process control in terms of successful industrial applications. A rich theory has been developed to study the closed loop stability of MPC ...
  • Robust model predictive control of stable and integrating linear systems 

    Ralhan, Sameer (2000)
    Model Predictive Control (MPC) has become one of the dominant methods of chemical process control in terms of successful industrial applications. A rich theory has been developed to study the closed loop stability of MPC ...
  • Robust modeling 

    Wojciechowski, William Conrad (2001)
    In this data-rich age, datasets often contain many observations and variables. Verifying the quality of a large dataset is a formidable task that is not to be completed by manual inspection. Therefore, methods that ...
  • Robust momentum manager controller for space station applications 

    Lee, Andy Chun (2003)
    An innovative methodology to design a robust Control Momentum Gyro (CMG) momentum manager for the International Space Station (ISS) is developed. Unlike most other momentum manager designs, which use either a Linear Quadratic ...
  • Robust Parametric Functional Component Estimation Using a Divergence Family 

    Silver, Justin (2013-09-16)
    The classical parametric estimation approach, maximum likelihood, while providing maximally efficient estimators at the correct model, lacks robustness. As a modification of maximum likelihood, Huber (1964) introduced ...
  • Robust Quantile Regression Using L2E 

    Lane, Jonathan W. (2012)
    Quantile regression, a method used to estimate conditional quantiles of a set of data ( X, Y ), was popularized by Koenker and Bassett (1978). For a particular quantile q , the q th quantile estimate of Y given X = x can ...
  • Robust Slope Region for Wideband CDMA With Multiple Antennas 

    Muharemovic, Tarik; Aazhang, Behnaam (2003-04-01)
    We analyze a low power, wideband CDMA system with multiple antennas. The joint "slope region" - of transmission rates at minimum energy per bit - is derived as a function of proportion between vanishing rates for multiple ...
  • Robust Solution of the Linear Servomechanism Problem 

    Staats, P.W.; Pearson, J.B. (1974-09-01)
    This paper furnishes a complete solution to the problem of designing robust controllers for linear servomechanisms. The results complete the work begun in [1] in that arbirary exogenous signals are included in the problem ...
  • Robust steady-state tracking 

    Sadeghi, Behnam (1996)
    The thesis solves the problem of finding an LTI controller that minimizes the steady-state tracking error of uncertain discrete-time systems. If a system is LTI, use of the "internal model principle" will assure that the ...
  • Robust Subnanometric Plasmon Ruler by Rescaling of the Nonlocal Optical Response 

    Teperik, T.V.; Nordlander, P.; Aizpurua, J.; Borisov, A.G. (2013)
    We present the optical response of two interacting metallic nanowires calculated for separation distances down to angstrom range. State-of-the-art local and nonlocal approaches are compared with full quantum time-dependent ...
  • Robustness and Optimality in CSMA Wireless Networks 

    Nardelli, Bruno (2013-06-04)
    In today's widely diffused CSMA wireless networks, problems of coordination in the access to the channel by multiple transmitters can lead to unfair situations where some of the flows receive much of the network throughput ...
  • Robustness in Parameter Estimation 

    Papantoni-Kazakos, P. (1975-10-20)
    Due to vagueness in the definition of robustness, there has been no natural transition between robust and nonparametric parameter estimators. In this work, qualitative ideas first expressed by Hampel [1] are extended in ...
  • Robyn Dunbar, Geology Graduate Student, Rice University 

    Unknown author (1995)
    Robyn Dunbar received her Ph.D. from Rice University and teaches at Stanford University.
  • A robyn gentyl robyn 

    Ralph Holibaugh, conductor; Early Music Ensemble; Cornysh, William (d. 1523) (1981-04-18)
  • Roche Lidushen Medicine, Roche 

    Unknown author (2002)