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    • Fullerene compositions and methods for photochemical purification 

      Alvarez, Pedro J. J.; Lee, Jaesang; Wilson, Lon J.; Mackeyev, Yuri; Kim, Jaehong (2014-03-25)
      In various embodiments, the present disclosure describes fullerene derivatives that are capable of photocatalytically generating reactive oxygen species in the presence of ultraviolet and/or visible light. In some embodiments, ...
    • Fullerene contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy 

      Alford, John M.; Wilson, Lon J. (2002-03-12)
      A non-toxic contrast agent for enhancing contrast in in vivo magnetic resonance measurements, comprised of a water-soluble, stable paramagnetic fullerene that is free of paramagnetic metal species. A preferred contrast ...
    • Fullerene hydrides and studies toward the syntheses of fulvalenes 

      Peera, Asghar A. (2005)
      Benkeser reduction was used to synthesize highly hydrogenated fullerenes, C60H36, C60H38, C 60H40, C60H42 and C60H 44. 1H- and 13C-NMR spectra of HPLC purified fractions show that more highly hydrogenated fullerenes exhibit ...
    • Fullerene nanotube compositions 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Colbert, Daniel T.; Dai, Hongjie; Liu, Jie; Rinzler, Andrew G.; Hafner, Jason H.; Smith, Kenneth A.; Guo, Ting; Nikolaev, Pavel; Thess, Andreas (2008-06-24)
      This invention relates generally to a fullerene nanotube composition. The fullerene nanotubes may be in the form of a felt, such as a bucky paper. Optionally, the fullerene nanotubes may be derivatized with one or more ...
    • Fullerene triplet states in solution 

      Ausman, Kevin Douglas (1998)
      Triplet state pre-equilibration by reversible energy transfer has been observed by transient-absorption spectroscopy in mixed toluene solutions of C70 and C60 and of C70 and C60(CH 3)2. The equilibrium constants governing ...
    • Fullerene-based amino acids 

      Barron, Andrew R.; Yang, Jianzhong (2012-07-10)
      The present invention is directed to a series of new compounds, combining the unique properties of fullerenes and bio-active amino acid residues, and to methods for making such compounds. The present invention is directed ...
    • Fullerenol radical anions 

      Husebo, Lars Olav (2004)
      The first exhaustive purification and characterization of fullerenol samples, prepared by reaction of C60 in toluene with NaOH solution using tetrabutylammonium hydroxide as a phase transfer catalyst, have been performed. ...
    • Fully Integrated CMOS-Compatible Photodetector with Intrinsic Gain and Red-Green-Blue Color Selectivity 

      Zheng, Bob (2014-04-21)
      Currently, image sensors are hybrid devices, combining semiconductor photodiodes with off-chip color filters of different materials to convert wavelength-selected light into useful photocurrent. Here we demonstrate a fully ...
    • Fully integrated single-walled carbon nanotube thermoplastic composites 

      Rodriguez-Macias, Fernando J. (2004)
      The development of composites of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) with thermoplastics requires methods for good dispersion and achieving good interaction between SWNTs and the matrix. This thesis presents a new method ...
    • Fully transitive polyhedra with crystallographic symmetry groups 

      Eisenlohr, John Merrick (1990)
      This dissertation sets forth a method for classifying, up to euclidean similarity, fully-transitive polyhedra which have crystallographic symmetry groups. Branko Grunbaum's definition of polyhedron is used, in which the ...
    • Fun & Games: Educate or Intimidate? 

      Sawyer, Richard; Fox, Stephen C. (1966-11-17)
    • Function Algebras on a Manifold 

      Freeman, Michael (1968-10)
    • The function of a university 

      Mackail, J. W. (John William), 1859-1945 (1915-09)
    • Function Shipping in a Scalable Parallel Programming Model 

      Yang, Chaoran (2012)
      Increasingly, a large number of scientific and technical applications exhibit dynamically generated parallelism or irregular data access patterns. These applications pose significant challenges to achieving scalable ...
    • Functional and structural studies of influenza B virus hemagglutinin 

      Ni, Fengyun (2013-09-16)
      Influenza A and B viruses are major causes of seasonal flu epidemics each year. Hemagglutinin (HA) mediates the binding of virus to host cell and the fusion with host membrane. The crystal of HA in complex with antibody ...
    • A functional approach to identifying compliment data 

      Mustapha, Abolaji S. (2012-05-21)
    • Functional Data Analysis on Spectroscopic Data 

      Wang, Lu (2016-01-28)
      Cervical cancer is a very common type of cancer that is highly curable if treated early. We are investigating spectroscopic devices that make in-vivo cervical tissue measurements to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous ...
    • Functional data classification and covariance estimation 

      Zhu, Hongxiao (2009)
      Focusing on the analysis of functional data, the first part of this dissertation proposes three statistical models for functional data classification and applies them to a real problem of cervical pre-cancer diagnosis; the ...