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  • Farming in Highland Heights 

    Schlueter, Frank J. (1900-01-01)
    Highland Heights is located in Northwest Houston a few miles north of Loop 610 North between Interstate 45 and Hwy 290. This area is now a heavily populated residential and commercial part of Houston.
  • Farming in the 1920's in southwest Harris County 

    Schlueter, Frank J. (1910-01-01)
  • Farzana Jalali oral history interview and transcript 

    Jalali, Farzana (2013-06-11)
    Farzana Jalali was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1951. She grew up in Karachi and lived there until 1975, when she moved to Saudi Arabia. In 1979, she moved to Miami, Florida, and in 1983, she moved to a suburb near Houston, ...
  • Fashion Mag Seeks RU Girls As Staff 

    Unknown author (1960-10-07)
  • Fashion Magazine, Fashion 

    Unknown author (2002)
  • Fashion, 

    Unknown author (1998)
  • Fashioning Slavery: Slaves and Clothing in the U.S. South, 1830–1865 

    Knowles, Katie (2014-04-24)
    This dissertation examines such varied sources as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Eastman Johnson’s genre paintings, runaway advertisements, published narratives, plantation records, the WPA ex-slave narratives, and nearly thirty items ...
  • Fashoda - The Governer's House 

    The governor's house in Fashoda, with a line of cannons in front of the main building.
  • A Fast Algorithm and Testbed Evaluation for Sound Source Localization Using Sensor Networks 

    Johnston, Brian; Yin, Xiaoming; Valenzuela, Adrian; Frantz, Patrick (2005-09-01)
    The theoretical idea of a network composed of small, low-cost sensor nodes able to localize the source of acoustic events has the potential to make a multitude of exciting applications possible. However, this potential can ...
  • A Fast and Efficient Sift Detector Using The Mobile GPU 

    Rister, Blaine; Wang, Guohui; Wu, Michael; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2013-06)
    Emerging mobile applications, such as augmented reality, demand robust feature detection at high frame rates. We present an implementation of the popular Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) feature detection algorithm ...
  • Fast computation of the sliding-window Radon transform with application to attribute extraction 

    Steeghs, Philippe (1999-01-15)
    We have developed a fast and robust algorithm for the extraction of 3-D seismic attributes. The algorithm is based on the recursive computation of the 3-D sliding-window Radon transform. Considerable gain in computational ...
  • Fast Fourier transforms for constrained data 

    Sorensen, Henrik Vittrup (1988)
    This thesis develops several new algorithms for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The work describes algorithms for which a set of constraints on the input or the output allow the DFT to be computed more ...
  • Fast Multi-user Detector for a Time-varying CDMA System 

    Das, Suman; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Aazhang, Behnaam (1997-07-01)
    This paper investigates methods to reduce the amount of computation needed to detect information bits using a linear detector for a CDMA system. We show windowing technique coupled with pipelining can reduce the amount of ...
  • Fast speech phenomena in Asante Twi 

    Nelson, Katherine (2014)
    A descriptive study is utilized to examine fast speech phenomena in Asante Twi, a Niger-Congo language, focusing on three fast speech rules: vowel deletion, vowel alternation in modifiers, and fricative voicing between ...
  • Fast wavelength tuning techniques for external cavity lasers 

    Wysocki, Gerard; Tittel, Frank K. (2011-01-11)
    An apparatus comprising a laser source configured to emit a light beam along a first path, an optical beam steering component configured to steer the light beam from the first path to a second path at an angle to the first ...
  • Fast, Exact Synthesis of Gaussian and nonGaussian Long-Range-Dependent Processes 

    Crouse, Matthew; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1999-01-15)
    1/<i>f</i> noise and statistically self-similar processes such as fractional Brownian motion (fBm) are vital for modeling numerous real-world phenomena, from network traffic to DNA to the stock market. Although several ...
  • Fast, Exact Synthesis of Gaussian and nonGaussian Long-Range-Dependent Processes 

    Baraniuk, Richard; Crouse, Matthew (2009-04-15)
    1/f noise and statistically self-similar random processes such as fractional Brownian motion (fBm) and fractional Gaussian noise (fGn) are fundamental models for a host of real-world phenomena, from network traffic to ...
  • Faster Sequential Universal Coding via Block Partitioning 

    Baron, Dror; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2006-04-01)
    Rissanen provided a sequential universal coding algorithm based on a block partitioning scheme, where the source model is estimated at the beginning of each block. This approach asymptotically approaches the entropy at the ...
  • Fastnachtsfest! 

    Unknown author (1962-03-02)
  • Fat City (a post-movement manifesto) 

    Sheridan, Christian Nikirk (2005)
    The suburbs are making us fat. Fat is driving the suburbs. In an age when most things are measured by their efficient movement, suburban design spirals inward to a terminating node where stored equipment augments an ...