Map of the American Hemisphere, 1823

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Title: Map of the American Hemisphere, 1823
Author: Henry S. Tanner (Firm)
Abstract: Henry Tanner's A New American Atlas, was the most distinguished atlas published in America during the nineteenth century. The maps were carefully constructed from the best and most recent surveys. They were finely engraved on a large-scale, printed on high quality paper, and carefully hand colored. Because of the great expense involved in the production and publication, the atlas was published in five parts between 1819 and 1823. A collected edition appeared in the latter year, with subsequent editions in 1825, 1833, 1839, and perhaps other years. Copies of any edition are now quite rare. The map has many interesting aspects, probably the most intriguing is the implied annexation of (what became) western Canada and Alaska to the United States. It is interesting to note as well the boundaries of Mexico prior to the Mexican War.
Description: Historical map. Engraving, with full period colouring, Plate mark, 18 3/8 x 21 1/8 inches
Citation: Map of the American Hemisphere, 1823. Henry S. Tanner (Firm), 1823. From Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Americas collection, 1811-1920, MS 518.

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