On geometry along grafting rays in Teichmuller space

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dc.contributor.advisor Wolf, Michael
dc.creator Laverdiere, Renee 2012-09-06T04:24:26Z 2012-09-06T04:24:28Z 2012-09-06T04:24:26Z 2012-09-06T04:24:28Z 2012-05 2012-09-05 May 2012
dc.description.abstract In this work, we investigate the mid-range behavior of geometry along a grafting ray in Teichm\"{u}ller space. The main technique is to describe the hyperbolic metric $\sigma_{t}$ at a point along the grafting ray in terms of a conformal factor $g_{t}$ times the Thurston (grafted) metric and study solutions to the linearized Liouville equation. We give a formula that describes, at any point on a grafting ray, the change in length of a sum of distinguished curves in terms of the hyperbolic geometry at the point. We then make precise the idea that once the length of the grafting locus is small, local behavior of the geometry for grafting on a general manifold is like that of grafting on a cylinder. Finally, we prove that the sum of lengths of is eventually monotone decreasing along grafting rays.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject Teichmuller theory
differential geometry
dc.title On geometry along grafting rays in Teichmuller space
dc.contributor.committeeMember Hardt, Robert M.
dc.contributor.committeeMember Goldman, Ron 2012-09-06T04:24:28Z
dc.identifier.slug 123456789/ETD-2012-05-137
dc.type.genre Thesis
dc.type.material Text Mathematics Natural Sciences Rice University Doctoral Doctor of Philosophy
dc.identifier.citation Laverdiere, Renee. (2012) "On geometry along grafting rays in Teichmuller space." Doctoral Thesis, Rice University.

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