Reconfigurable Multi-Standard Uplink MIMO Receiver with Partial Interference Cancellation

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Item Metadata Yin, Bei
Amiri, Kiarash
Cavallaro, Joseph R.
Guo, Yuanbin 2012-06-28T16:01:20Z 2012-06-28T16:01:20Z 2012-06-01
dc.description.abstract As HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE/LTE-A evolve in parallel, the reconfigurability of a receiver to support multiple standards has become more and more important, especially for small cells. In this paper, we first suggest a reconfigurable multistandard uplink MIMO receiver based on a frequency domain equalizer. Then, to improve the performance, we propose two low-complexity partial iterative interference cancellation (IC) schemes to deal with the residual inter-chip and inter-antenna interference in HSPA/HSPA+ and the residual inter-symbol and inter-antenna interference in LTE/LTE-A. Compared with a receiver consisting of separate HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE/LTE-A uplink receivers, this reconfigurable receiver can save up to 66.9% complexity. Moreover, the two partial IC schemes have negligible performance loss compared with full IC scheme. They can achieve 2 dB gains in both standards with only 15.2% additional complexity to no IC scheme.
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dc.publisher IEEE
dc.subject HSPA/HSPA+
Reconfigurable elements
Uplink receivers
dc.title Reconfigurable Multi-Standard Uplink MIMO Receiver with Partial Interference Cancellation
dc.type Conference paper Center for Multimedia Communication
dc.citation.pageNumber 6282-6286
dc.citation.location Ottawa, Canada
dc.citation.conferenceName IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC)
dc.citation.conferenceDate 2012
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.identifier.citation B. Yin, K. Amiri, J. R. Cavallaro and Y. Guo, "Reconfigurable Multi-Standard Uplink MIMO Receiver with Partial Interference Cancellation," pp. 6282-6286, 2012.

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