A functional approach to identifying compliment data

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Title: A functional approach to identifying compliment data
Author: Mustapha, Abolaji S.
Abstract: Researchers into compliments are divided on what constitutes compliment data because of the complex nature of the speech act. Their experiences in data collection and analysis of compliment data have led to diverging views and conclusions. While one school of thought holds that it is not necessary to define the compliment because of its formulaic and easy to access nature (among other features), the other school argues that because the compliment is not that simplistic in nature, and to avoid confusing the compliment with other allied speech functions, it should be defined for easy identification and analysis. In this paper, I side with with the latter group and propose a defining characteristic that is rooted within speech act theory and stresses the functional characteristic of compliment. Although I allow that there might be other approaches to defining the compliment, I argue that the functional approach would be useful for (researchers’) data collection and analysis because of its emphasis on compliments as performative acts.
Citation: Mustapha, Abolaji S.. (2012). "A functional approach to identifying compliment data."
Date: 2012-05-21

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