Cool Science Careers. In this game students can experience what it's like to be a scientist.

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Description: This game is divided into five sections: (1) in Profession Pathfinder, students are matched to one of the careers on the website based on their answers to career interest questions; (2) in Imagine Yourself, students can select five different career fields (epidemiology, neurobiology, neuropsychology, neuroradiology, and toxicology) and virtually try out activities typical for these careers; (3) in Zoom In, students can learn about jobs in each career field and the required education, read interviews with real scientists working in these careers, and find links to more information; (4) in My Science Career Pick, students can vote for their favorite career on the website and see how others have voted; (5) in Ask A Scientist, students can find answers to common questions about science careers and ask their own questions.
Author: Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
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