MedyMyst: Orientation at O.R.B. Introduction to the six types of pathogens, Koch's Postulates, disease spread, disease prevention measures, and the immune system.

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Description: This is a problem-based learning adventure game that engages the player in the role of scientist, historian, and detective. Students get an introduction to infectious diseases and pathogens. At the beginning, the student is presented with a problem that must be solved. During the mission, students conduct field and laboratory investigations with the aid of the MedMyst characters. Each mission can be played within one class period (approximately 30 to 45 minutes) and the knowledge gained from each mission will help students understand how infectious diseases are spread. We recommend that Mission One be played first because it covers the basics and serves as an orientation to the concepts and the characters. However, any of the missions may be chosen to follow Mission One. Each mission is a self-contained problem and may be played without reliance on the other missions. Also available in Spanish.
Author: Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
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