Litanies des Ombres

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Movement Duration Size Streaming Description
Harmonie du Soir 4:06; Part 1 3.946Mb
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Crepuscule du Soir 2:43; Part 1 2.613Mb
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Flambe, flambe 4:33; Part 1 4.383Mb
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La lune blanche 5:42; Part 1 5.475Mb
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Aux levres des dements 4:26 4.262Mb
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L'Aurore d'Hiver 4:18; Part 2 4.131Mb
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Information about this piece:

Title: Litanies des Ombres
Composers: Carbon, John
Performed by: Evanne Browne, soprano
Joel Nichols, tenor
Jamie Johnson, flute
Donna Beard, clarinet
Melissa Pollock, viola
John Smith, violoncello
Greg Garcia, double bass
Geary Rachel, trumpet
Randy Turgeon, horn
Mark Johnson, trombone
Barbara Scheidker, piano
John Carbon, conductor
Date recorded: 1978-03-07
Citation: (1978). "Litanies des Ombres."
Subject: Vocal duets with instrumental ensemble

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