Eastcom Telecom, China Putian. Eastcom Telecom.

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dc.coverage.spatial Beijing 2011-03-25T21:48:58Z 2011-03-25T21:48:58Z 7-29-99 4:44 2002
dc.description The origin of the image is Domestic. Watermark Unknown.
dc.format.medium Mix
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Asian Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
dc.subject Domestic
dc.title Eastcom Telecom, China Putian. Eastcom Telecom.
dc.digitization.specifications Color Mode: 5; Horizontal Resolution: ; Vertical Resolution: ; Creator Mac: ogle;
dc.source.collection Transnational China Project eastcomtelecoma02b eastcomtelecoma02b
dc.title.subtitle 中国普天;东信头彩降临,满堂彩;中彩屏手机; [Everyone wins the prize on Eastcom. China Putian. Eastcom Telecom. Create wireless world. Eastcom cell phone 100% winning the lottery. Win the prize, enjoy the colorful world. Eastcom Telecom. Create wireless world. China Putian. Eastcom Telecom. Address:]
dc.subject.prodtype Telecom
dc.subject.prodcat Media and Information Technology
dc.subject.brand Eastcom Telecom
dc.type.genre newspapers [报纸]
dc.type.genre advertisements [广告]
dc.type.dcmi StillImage [静态图片]
dc.identifier.citation (2002). "Eastcom Telecom, China Putian. Eastcom Telecom."

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