Flooded highway in Texas City during hurricane Debra in 1959

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Title: Flooded highway in Texas City during hurricane Debra in 1959
Author: Hawkins, Keith
Abstract: Hurricane Debra hit between Freeport, Texas and Galveston, Texas on July 25, 1959. It was a category 1 hurricane that caused $7 million dollars in damage but no fatalities.
Description: Hurricane Debra flooded this highway, which leads from Texas City to the Gulf Freeway, but the automobiles shown managed to plow through the water that covered much of the road. Few were tempted to violate the 45-mile-an-hour speed limit. The freeway itself was closed Saturday morning. (Text from caption in Houston Post.)
Citation: (1959). "Flooded highway in Texas City during hurricane Debra in 1959."
Date: 1959-07-25

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