The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 24, No. 3

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Title: The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 24, No. 3
Author: Vallee, Lillian; Miłosz, Czesław; Beinek, Justyna; Boss, Sally; Kieniewicz, Jan; Hannan, Kevin; Kotarba, Joseph A.; Ludwig, Jonathan Z.; Morsztyn, Jan Andrzej; Morsztyn, Zbigniew; Anonymous; Morsztyn, Hieronim Jarosz; Jagodyński, Stanisław Serafim; Bursa, Andrzej; Lechoń, Jan; Cherry, Robert
Abstract: Contents: "SR Index"; Lillian Vallee, "Articulating the Polish American Experience" (review); Czesław Miłosz, "A Son of Prisoners" (review); Justyna Beinek, "Forget-Me-Not? National Identity in Nineteenth-century Polish Albums"; "BOOKS BOOKS and Periodicals Received"; "Shelf Life", by Sally Boss (review); "Požegnanie z imperium: ukraińskie dyskusje o tozsamości", by Jan Kieniewicz (review); "Framing the Polish Home: Postwar Cultural Constructions of Hearth, Nation, and Self", by Justyna Beinek (review); Kevin Hannan, "Polska-Ukraina:1000 lat sąsiedztwa and Katolickie Unie kościelne (review); "Revenants: Poems", by Joseph A. Kotarba and Sally Boss (reviews); "Angels on the Head of a Pin", by Jonathan Z. Ludwig (review); "POLISH BAROQUE POETRY", by Jan Andrzej Morsztyn, Zbigniew Morsztyn, Anonymous, Hieronim Jarosz Morsztyn, Stanisław Serafim Jagodyński (selections); Andrzej Bursa, "Poems", translated by Kevin Christianson and Halina Ablamowicz; Jan Lechoń, "Poem", translated by Tomasz Dadlez; "Letters" (Robert Cherry); "About the Authors"; "Announcements and Notes"
Citation: Vallee, Lillian, Miłosz, Czesław, Beinek, Justyna, Boss, Sally, Kieniewicz, Jan, Hannan, Kevin, Kotarba, Joseph A., Ludwig, Jonathan Z., Morsztyn, Jan Andrzej, Morsztyn, Zbigniew, Anonymous, Morsztyn, Hieronim Jarosz, Jagodyński, Stanisław Serafim, Bursa, Andrzej, Lechoń, Jan and Cherry, Robert. (2004). "The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 24, No. 3."
Date: 2004-09

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