Introduction [Excerpt from: America and Her Women]

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Title: Introduction [Excerpt from: America and Her Women]
Author: Wilson, Emilia Serrano, baronesa de, 1843-1922
Translator: Gauthereau-Bryson, Lorena
Abstract: Emilia Serrano, the Baroness of Wilson (1834?-1922) was a Spanish writer who produced historical and sociological works, as well as novels, literary translations, and guides to conduct for young women. The book this excerpt was taken from is considered her most ambitious work. In it she displays an encyclopedic range of interests, including history, ethnology, climatology, and botany, and it clearly reflects her three overriding passions: literature, traveling, and a fascination with the Americas. In this Introduction, she provides autobiographical information about her personal life, how she became fascinated with the Americas, and her controversial decision to travel to the Americas alone.
Description: 466 p., illustrated, 30 cm.
Citation: Wilson, Emilia Serrano, baronesa de. Introduction [Excerpt from: America and Her Women]. Translated by Gauthereau-Bryson, Lorena. Barcelona (Espana): Fidel Giro, 1890. From Rice University.

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