Los Estados Unidos: descripciones de viaje

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Title: Los Estados Unidos: descripciones de viaje
Author: Bianchi, Alberto G.
Abstract: Alberto G. Bianchi (1850?-1904?) is primarily known as a playwright and the dramatist’s sense of color and animated conversation is given full rein in his travel book. While dutifully noting historic facts and figures regarding the places and sites he visits, Bianchi is clearly more interested in his fellow travelers and in the natives he encounters in the American Southwest, Midwest, New England, and Atlantic Seaboard, recreating extended dialogues and occasionally stepping outside the action for an omniscient commentary on himself and those around him. He is especially taken with what he considers to be a national characteristic of Americans: that they should be both naïve and deeply suspicious at the same time, and this tendency is present in many of his more amusing asides. Bianchi expresses awe at Niagara Falls, the Manitou Grand Caverns, the beach at Coney Island, and the quiet dignity of Mount Vernon, but is far more impressed with (and occasionally astonished at) the behavior of the residents than with their surroundings.
Description: xvi, 336, [14] p., illustrated, 21 cm.
Citation: Bianchi, Alberto G.. Los Estados Unidos: descripciones de viaje. Mexico: Lugo Vina, 1887. From Instituto Mora. http://hdl.handle.net/1911/27425.

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