Gaceta del Gobierno Supremo de Guatemala

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Title: Gaceta del Gobierno Supremo de Guatemala
Author: Beteta
Description: A collection of various issues (Gazette) including a special issue (No. 33) on the Battle of Ayacucho and the end of Spanish rule in South America. Numbers 9 (pp.61-68), 11 (pp.77-84) [incomplete], 13 (pp. 103-104 and 111-12) [incomplete], 14 (pp. 113-19 and 121-26) [incomplete], 15 (pp. 127-36), 19 (pp. 161-70), 23 (pp. 193-200), 28 (pp. 235-40, 243-44) [incomplete], 33 (pp. 271-72), 34 (pp. 309-10), 40 (pp. 311-18). Modern wrappers. Missing a few pages. Quatro.
Citation: Gaceta del Gobierno Supremo de Guatemala. Guatemala: Beteta, 1824. From Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Americas collection, 1811-1920, MS 518.

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