Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas. Vol. 1

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Title: Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas. Vol. 1
Author: Filísola, Vicente
Abstract: Filisola was an Italian-born soldier who fought in Mexico’s war of independence from Spain, rising through the ranks and ultimately commanding the force which liberated Mexico City in 1821. He served in Guatemala during the period of Iturbide’s annexation of that country and in various other capacities in the years before the revolution in Texas, where he was Santa Anna’s second in command. The first volume of his memoirs describes the frontier-like state of the northern provinces, the constant warfare with the Comanches and other tribes, the effect on Texas of the war with Spain, and the controversial decision to allow Anglo settlers and their families to repopulate the mission towns. Filisola analyses the unexpected consequences of the Anglo influx, including the rise in criminal activities such as smuggling, a growing resistance to the central authority in Mexico City, and the various demands for greater autonomy in matters of taxation and the raising of militias. The reorganization of the Mexican Army is discussed, and there are descriptions of the personalities involved on both sides of the coming conflict, including Stephen F. Austin and Santa Anna.
Description: Volume 1 of 2 (601 p.), 23 cm.
Citation: Filísola, Vicente. Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas. Vol. 1. Mexico: Imprenta de Ignacio Cumplido, 1848. From Instituto Mora.

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