Idolo y piedra de los sacrificios

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Title: Idolo y piedra de los sacrificios
Abstract: The goddess's face is represented in the form of two serpents facing one another, and her skirt is fashioned to appear as snakeskin, adorned with skulls. The stone, with pedestal, in front of the statue is believed to have been used in the highly ritualized human sacrifices encountered by the Spaniards upon their arrival at Tenochtitlan.
Description: Sepia Photograph, 7.25" x 4.5". Statue of Coatlicue, the earth-mother-goddess of Aztec mythology. The photo shows statue and stone in the courtyard of the Museo Nacional, where they were displayed prior to their transfer to the Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City.
Citation: Idolo y piedra de los sacrificios. 1890. From Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Charlotte and Maximilian collection, 1846-1927, MS 356.

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