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Sonoran Desert columnar cacti and the evolution of generalized pollination systems 1034
Mutualistic interactions between Upiga virescens (Pyralidae), a pollinating seed-consumer, and Lophocereus schottii (Cactaceae) 821
Post-hibernation movement and foraging habitat of a male Indiana bat, Myotis sodalis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae), in western Virginia 793
The evolution of obligate pollination mutualisms: senita cactus and senita moth 669
Supplementary material to Whitney, K. D., B. Boussau, E. J. Baack, and T. Garland Jr. in press. Drift and genome complexity revisited. PLoS Genetics 668
Confronting climate change in the Gulf region: prospects for sustaining our ecological heritage 640
Experimental evidence that both parties benefit in a facultative plant-spider mutualism 597
Global climate cycles and cyclones: consequences for rainfall patterns and lemur reproduction in southeastern Madagascar 539
Biodiversity maintenance in food webs with regulatory environmental feedbacks 533
Co-pollinators and specialization in the pollinating seed-consumer mutualism between senita cacti and senita moths 529

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