Improving Connection Times for Bluetooth Devices in Mobile Environments

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Title: Improving Connection Times for Bluetooth Devices in Mobile Environments
Author: Welsh, Erik; Murphy, Patrick; Frantz, Patrick
Type: Conference paper
Keywords: Bluetooth; Wireless
Citation: E. Welsh, P. Murphy and P. Frantz, "Improving Connection Times for Bluetooth Devices in Mobile Environments," 2002.
Abstract: Communications devices in a highly mobile environment need to minimize connection setup times in order to maximize useful data transfer. In this paper we investigate - empirically and through simulations - the device discovery process of Bluetoothâ ¢, a technology that has potential in short-range, high-mobility applications. In order to improve Bluetooth's performance in a mobile environment, it is desirable to lessen the amount of time it takes to set up connections between two devices. We suggest three possible changes to the Bluetooth specification: eliminating or decreasing the random backoff delay in INQUIRY SCAN, using a single frequency train instead of two in INQUIRY, and a combination of the two. These simple changes can dramatically decrease connection setup times without having deleterious effects on overall system performance.
Date Published: 2002-03-20

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