Enhanced signatures for event classification: The projector approach

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Title: Enhanced signatures for event classification: The projector approach
Author: Venkatachalam, Vidya; Aravena, Jorge.L.
Type: Conference Paper
Keywords: nonstationary signals; nonlinear minimization problem
Citation: V. Venkatachalam and J. Aravena,"Enhanced signatures for event classification: The projector approach," in IEEE-SP International Symposium on Time-frequency and Time-scale Analysis,
Abstract: The classification of nonstationary signals of unknown duration is of great importance in areas like oil exploration, moving target detection, and pattern recognition. In an earlier work, we provided a solution to this problem, based on the wavelet transform, by defining representations called pseudo power signatures for signal classes which were independent of signal length, and proposed a simple approach using the Singular Value Decomposition to generate these signatures. This paper offers a new approach resulting in more discriminating signatures. The enhanced signatures are obtained by solving a nonlinear minimization problem involving an inverse projection. The problem formulation, solution procedure, and computational algorithm are presented in this work. The efficacy of the projection signatures in separating highly correlated signal classes is demonstrated through a simulation example.
Date Published: 1998-10-01

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