Design space exploration for real-time embedded stream processors

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Title: Design space exploration for real-time embedded stream processors
Author: Rajagopal, Sridhar; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Rixner, Scott
Type: Journal article
Keywords: design space exploration; wireless systems; real-time; low power; data parallelism; instruction level parallelism; stream processors
Citation: S. Rajagopal, J. R. Cavallaro and S. Rixner, "Design space exploration for real-time embedded stream processors," IEEE Micro, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 54-66, 2004.
Abstract: We present a design framework for rapidly exploring the design space for stream processors in real-time embedded systems. Stream processors enable hundreds of arithmetic units in programmable pro-cessors by using clusters of functional units. However, to meet a certain real-time requirement for an embedded system, there is a trade-off between the number of arithmetic units in a cluster, number of clusters and the clock frequency as each solution meets real-time with a different power consumption. We have developed a design exploration tool that explores this trade-off and presents a heuristic that minimizes the power consumption in the (functional units, clusters, frequency) design space. Our design methodology relates the instruction level parallelism, subword parallelism and data parallelism to the organization of the functional units in an embedded stream processor. We show that the power minimization methodology also provides insights into the functional unit utilization of the processor. The design exploration tool exploits the static nature of signal processing workloads, providing an extremely fast design space exploration and provides an initial lower bound estimate of the real-time performance of the embedded processor. A sensitivity analysis of the design tool results to the technology and modeling also enables the designer to check the robustness of the design exploration.
Date Published: 2004-07-01

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