New class of wavelets for signal approximation

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Title: New class of wavelets for signal approximation
Author: Odegard, Jan E.; Burrus, C. Sidney
Type: Conference paper
Keywords: wavelets; Daubechies; orthogonal; biorthogonal
Citation: J. E. Odegard and C. S. Burrus, "New class of wavelets for signal approximation," 1996.
Abstract: This paper develops a new class of wavelets for which the classical Daubechies zero moment property has been relaxed. The advantages of relaxing higher order wavelet moment constraints is that within the framework of compact support and perfect reconstruction (orthogonal and biorthogonal) one can obtain wavelet basis with new and interesting approximation properties. This paper investigates a new class of wavelets that is obtained by setting a few lower order moments to zero and using the remaining degrees of freedom to minimize a larger number of higher order moments. The resulting wavelets are shown to be robust for representing a large classes of inputs. Robustness is achieved at the cost of exact representation of low order polynomials but with the advantage that higher order polynomials can be represented with less error compared to the maximally regular solution of the same support.
Date Published: 1996-05-20

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