All-optical CDMA with bipolar codes

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Title: All-optical CDMA with bipolar codes
Author: Nguyen, Lim; Aazhang, Behnaam; Young, James F.
Type: Journal article
Keywords: code division multiple access (CDMA); optical communications
Citation: L. Nguyen, B. Aazhang and J. F. Young, "All-optical CDMA with bipolar codes," IEEE Electronic Letters, vol. 31, pp. 469-470, 1995.
Abstract: A method for the transmission and detection of bipolar sequences in a unipolar system is presented. It allows all-optical implementation, in noncoherent optical CDMA systems, of the bipolar codes that have been developed for the radio domain. A practical design is described that encodes the spectrum of a broadband optical source to support a large number of subscribers.
Date Published: 1995-03-20

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