Nonlinear Processing of a Shift Invariant DWT for Noise Reduction

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Title: Nonlinear Processing of a Shift Invariant DWT for Noise Reduction
Author: Lang, Markus; Guo, Haitao; Odegard, Jan E.; Burrus, C. Sidney; Wells, R.O.
Type: Conference Paper
Keywords: noise reduction; shift invariance; redundancy; wavelet transform; SAR
Citation: M. Lang, H. Guo, J. E. Odegard, C. S. Burrus and R. Wells,"Nonlinear Processing of a Shift Invariant DWT for Noise Reduction," in SPIE Symp. OE/Aerospace Sensing and Dual Use Photonics, Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image,
Abstract: A novel approach for noise reduction is presented. Similar to Donoho, we employ thresholding in some wavelet transform domain but use a nondecimated and consequently redundant wavelet transform instead of the usual orthogonal one. Another difference is the shift invariance as opposed to the traditional orthogonal wavelet transform. We show that this new approach can be interpreted as a repeated application of Donoho's original method. The main feature is, however, a dramatically improved noise reduction compared to Donoho's approach, both in terms of the l<sub>2</sub> error and visually, for a large class of signals. This is shown by theoretical and experimental results, including synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images.
Date Published: 1995-04-20

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