Increasing Web Server Throughput with Network Interface Data Caching

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Title: Increasing Web Server Throughput with Network Interface Data Caching
Author: Kim, Hyong-youb; Pai, Vijay S.; Rixner, Scott
Type: Conference paper
Keywords: web servers; local interconnects; network interfaces; operating systems
Citation: H. Kim, V. S. Pai and S. Rixner, "Increasing Web Server Throughput with Network Interface Data Caching," pp. 239-250, 2002.
Abstract: This paper introduces network interface data caching, a new technique to reduce local interconnect traffic on networking servers by caching frequently-requested content on a programmable network interface. The operating system on the host CPU determines which data to store in the cache and for which packets it should use data from the cache. To facilitate data reuse across multiple packets and connections, the cache only stores application-level response content (such as HTTP data), with application-level and networking headers generated by the host CPU. Network interface data caching can reduce PCI traffic by up to 57% on a prototype implementation of a uniprocessor web server. This traffic reduction results in up to 31% performance improvement, leading to a peak server throughput of 1571 Mb/s.
Date Published: 2002-10-20

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