Semi-parallel Reconfigurable Architectures for Real-time LDPC Decoding

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Title: Semi-parallel Reconfigurable Architectures for Real-time LDPC Decoding
Author: Karkooti, Marjan; Cavallaro, Joseph R.
Type: Conference paper
Keywords: Reconfigurable architecture; FPGA implementation; Channel coding; Parallel architecture; Area-time tradeoffs
Citation: M. Karkooti and J. R. Cavallaro, "Semi-parallel Reconfigurable Architectures for Real-time LDPC Decoding," vol. 1, pp. 579-585, 2004.
Abstract: This paper presents a semi-parallel architecture for decoding Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes. A modified version of Min-Sum algorithm has been used which has the advantage of simpler computations compared to Sum-Product algorithm without any loss in performance. Special structure of the parity check matrix of the proposed code leads to an efficient semi-parallel implementation of the decoder for a family of (3,6) LDPC codes. A prototype architecture has been implemented in VHDL on programmable hardware. The design is easily scalable and reconfigurable for larger block sizes. Simulation results show that our proposed decoder for a block length of 1536 bits can achieve data rates up to 127 Mbps.
Date Published: 2004-04-01

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