Universal Distributed Sensing via Random Projections

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Title: Universal Distributed Sensing via Random Projections
Author: Wakin, Michael; Duarte, Marco F.; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Baron, Dror
Type: Conference paper
xmlui.Rice_ECE.Keywords: linear programming; compressed sensing; Sparsity; greedy algorithms; sensor networks; correlation
Citation: M. Wakin, M. F. Duarte, R. G. Baraniuk and D. Baron, "Universal Distributed Sensing via Random Projections," pp. 177-185, 2006.
Abstract: This paper develops a new framework for distributed coding and compression in sensor networks based on distributed compressed sensing (DCS). DCS exploits both intra-signal and inter-signal correlations through the concept of joint sparsity; just a few measurements of a jointly sparse signal ensemble contain enough information for reconstruction. DCS is well-suited for sensor network applications, thanks to its simplicity, universality, computational asymmetry, tolerance to quantization and noise, robustness to measurement loss, and scalability. It also requires absolutely no inter- sensor collaboration. We apply our framework to several real world datasets to validate the framework.
Date Published: 2006-04-01

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