Coherent Multiscale Image Processing using Quaternion Wavelets

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Title: Coherent Multiscale Image Processing using Quaternion Wavelets
Author: Chan, Wai Lam; Choi, Hyeokho; Baraniuk, Richard G.
Type: Journal article
xmlui.Rice_ECE.Keywords: quaternion; complex; wavelet transform; phase; disparity estimation
Citation: W. L. Chan, H. Choi and R. G. Baraniuk, "Coherent Multiscale Image Processing using Quaternion Wavelets," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2006.
Abstract: The quaternion wavelet transform (QWT) is a new multiscale analysis tool for geometric image features. The QWT is a near shift-invariant tight frame representation whose coefficients sport a magnitude and three phases: two phases encode local image shifts while the third contains image texture information. The QWT is based on an alternative theory for the 2-D Hilbert transform and can be computed using a dual-tree filter bank with linear computational complexity. To demonstrate the properties of the QWT's coherent magnitude/phase representation, we develop an efficient and accurate procedure for estimating the local geometrical structure of an image. We also develop a new multiscale algorithm for estimating the disparity between a pair of images that is promising for image registration and flow estimation applications. The algorithm features multiscale phase unwrapping, linear complexity, and sub-pixel estimation accuracy.
Date Published: 2006-10-01

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