M-Band Multiwavelet Systems

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Title: M-Band Multiwavelet Systems
Author: Burrus, C. Sidney; Fernandes, Felix
Type: Conference paper
Keywords: M-band; multiwavelet systems; time-frequency plane
Citation: C. S. Burrus and F. Fernandes, "M-Band Multiwavelet Systems," 1999.
Abstract: In this paper we investigate multiwavelet systems whose scaling functions have disjoint support. We demonstrate that, with the exception of a trivial case, this property may not be attained by two band multiwavelet systems. We show that to enjoy this property, it is indeed necessary to invoke M-band multiwavelet systems. This indicates the existence of tilings of the time-frequency plane that may be obtained with M--band multiwavelet systems but not with two band multiwavelet systems. Hence M--band multiwavelet systems are inherently more powerful than two band multiwavelet systems and deserve a thorough investigation. Finally, we derive K
Date Published: 1999-03-20

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