Cometary knots in the Helix Nebula

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Title: Cometary knots in the Helix Nebula
Author: Handron, Kerry Dorinda Patrick
Advisor: O'Dell, C. Robert
Degree: Master of Science thesis
Abstract: The central star of the Helix Nebula, the closest planetary nebula, is ringed by hundreds of Cometary Knots. Presented here are images taken with WFPC2 of a field in the northern portion of the bright ring and some physical parameters and models derived from the data. The field of view contains more than thirty well formed Cometary Knots and reveals that the entire bright ring is composed of knot-like structures. The data is in three narrow emission line filters, H$\alpha$, (OIII) and (NII). Optical thickness to ionizing photons for the knots is established, physical properties such as density in the ionized portions of the knots and dust mass are determined and the beginning of a model to explain the detailed structure set forth.
Citation: Handron, Kerry Dorinda Patrick. (1996) "Cometary knots in the Helix Nebula." Masters Thesis, Rice University.
Date: 1996

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