Is there judgment bias in the assessment center method?

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Title: Is there judgment bias in the assessment center method?
Author: Hayes, Theodore Laurance
Advisor: Gaugler, Barbara B.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy thesis
Abstract: Recent analyses of assessment center ratings have demonstrated that assessors who are trained to make dimension-based assessments may instead base their judgments on information other than dimension performance. This study evaluated the effects of enhanced accountability to make justifiable behavioral recordings and evaluations on assessor accuracy. Specifically, it was predicted that enhanced accountability to justify ratings and behavioral observations would lead assessors to make more accurate ratings and observations, as compared to the ratings and observations made by assessors whose personal accountability was not enhanced. Results showed that when accountability was not enhanced, as predicted, assessors relied on extraneous performance information (exercises, personality evaluations) when making their overall ratings. Assessors whose accountability was enhanced used only dimension information when making overall ratings, made more efficient behavioral observations and classifications, and had higher overall rating accuracy than did assessors whose accountability was not enhanced. However, enhanced accountability did not result in significantly different overall confidence of assessors in their decisions as compared to those whose accountability had not been enhanced.
Citation: Hayes, Theodore Laurance. (1990) "Is there judgment bias in the assessment center method?." Doctoral Thesis, Rice University.
Date: 1990

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